What we do

NOFF Activities

Industry Watchdog

The Tasmanian Atlantic salmon industry operates in extremely close proximity to residential areas along inshore waterways. This is a highly problematic issue but it does offer a unique opportunity for community reporting on environmental management.

Support for Communities

We provide support for communities who are standing up for their local waterways. We do this by organising events, facilitating protest actions, taking community concerns to politicians ad liaising with industry directly when locals are not satisfied with nearby operations. We compile science-based submissions for public consultation opportunities set out by Government and Industry, and encourage members to do so as well.

Media Opportunities

NOFF has a highly engaged media presence, bringing environmental and wildlife management concerns into public view, and in doing so, increasing awareness around the need for reform in the salmon industry operating in Tasmania.

Political Engagement

While NOFF is apolitical, there is a clear understanding that both Liberal and Labor Parties are in lockstep over the expansion of the Fin Fish Aquaculture Industry. We regularly meet with Liberal, Labour, Green and Independent Representatives and Senators to discuss our concerns and push for change, advocating to keep the topic current in parliament.

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