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Government releases draft Ten Year Salmon Plan

The Tasmanian Government has released the draft Ten Year Salmon Plan, without completing all their promised community consultation. NOFF’s President, Peter George, said:

The state government’s ten-year Atlantic salmon plan marks a complete capitulation by the Rockliff government to the foreign-owned industry giving it what it wants, where it wants. The plan amounts to a free gift to the salmon barons – more public waterways further offshore while maintaining everything they have been gifted in coastal, shallow waters. (Read more . . .)

Legislative Council Finfish Enquiry Report

The recent report from the Tasmanian Legislative Council Finfish Enquiry is a devastating analysis of pretty well every aspect of salmon farming. It calls for the removal of pens from our coasts and rivers, and a halt to expansion without genuine research. You can download the report here and also check out our submission (it’s number 41 on the list) – more to come soon!

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