Who we are, what we want

What principles does NOFF follow?

We want . . . salmon farming on land. We want . . . salmon farming out of shallow coastal waters. We want . . . many things, but all of them must support the Dennes Point Declaration, and meet our basic principles:

  • It must do no harm
  • It must be safe for consumers, wildlife and fish stocks, neighbouring communities, and fish farm staff
  • It must be carbon neutral
  • There must be complete transparency
  • There must be a fair return to the community (Federal, State and Local Government) for use of Federal and State waterways, and the use of fresh water and other assets
  • It must acknowledge and respect the connection, rights and aspirations of traditional custodians on country, including sea country

What do we want?

  • We want an end to open-net fish farming in Tasmania’s coastal and tidal waterways, in Bass Strait, and in waters adjacent to marine and terrestrial national parks and reserves, and we want to stop flow-through fish farm hatcheries polluting our rivers and water supplies.
  • We want an immediate moratorium on industry expansion until there is proper, independent scientific research on its environmental and social impacts.
  • We want an industry regulated by standards independently developed on sound scientific advice.
  • We want a fair financial return, to all levels of government and local communities, for the use of our waterways

In more general terms, we want:

  1. Diversified, healthy aquaculture products, identifiably Tasmanian and Australian, free of antibiotics and industrial chemicals
  2. An end to seal deaths, and cruelty to marine wildlife and salmon fish stocks
  3. An effective, long-term industry response to the impact of ocean warming
  4. An industry offering skilled, long-term local employment
  5. A fair economic return to Federal, State and Local government
  6. An end to biological and plastics pollution of our waterways
  7. An end to 24/7 industrial noise and light adjacent to residential areas.

All this can be achieved by the industry moving to land-based self-contained operations.

Who is on the NOFF Committee?

NOFF’S strength lies in its highly skilled committee and passionate local membership base. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions, and bring facts to the media.

Who or what is TAMP?

The Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection (TAMP) is an umbrella organisation for professional fishers, recreational fishers, businesses, sailors, individuals, community groups and coastal residents concerned about the impact of industrial salmon farms. NOFF is a member of TAMP.