Dennes Point Declaration

The Dennes Point declaration is a simple, three-point statement setting out what all the groups in TAMP want. It is the basis for all our campaigns.

Read it now, read it here.

Help get salmon pens out of Tasmania’s coastal waters

In May 2022 The Tasmanian Legislative Council published the report of its comprehensive Finfish Inquiry. The most important of many recommendations is Recommendation 3: To develop a plan, in consultation with industry, scientific and community stakeholders, to reduce inshore fin fish farming sites, with priority given to ceasing operations in sensitive, sheltered and biodiverse areas.

The Government has specifically rejected this, so NOFF has joined with two international organisations, Eko (formerly Sum of Us) and Global Salmon Farming Resistance, to campaign for its adoption. Learn more and join in here.

Protect our wildlife

International group In Defense of Animals is encouraging its supporters to write to Tasmanian authorities about the shocking maltreatment of our native fur seals, and of the salmon fish stocks. Add your name here.

Billboard Campaign

The billboard campaign continues to alert everyone on the mainland of the issues caused by the farmed feedlot salmon industry. Here is a video news report on the launch of the campaign, (57mb MP4), and here is a short video suggesting what you can do to help.

Think locally, act globally – what else you can do

If you live somewhere where salmon farming occurs, or if you are a visitor, and you notice something about salmon farming which you are not happy about, let us know, become a supporter, or join us. Tell all your friends and family why they shouldn’t eat industrially-farmed salmon. Tell your local supermarket manager, and the staff at your favourite restaurant. Tell them the evidence is on this website. Just small things, but it all adds up!

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